Diary: September 2017

Diary September 2017

Finally – the 2nd diary entry. I kept forgetting to write it so it’s a few days late, but nonetheless, welcome to my September diary! (Just a quick heads up: you might wanna read all the way through this one, pretty crucial info scattered around.)

September was much more a month of “work in progress” than completion, so the list of finished projects is rather small. Still, here’s the update log 🙂

  • Scrapped the opera “La Fine D’Infinità”. It has been replaced by “Lorelei”, which is being written from scratch. Completed the story synopsis and started work on the overture.
  • Proceeded work on my 1st flute (ex-violin) concerto.
  • Wrote about 50% of a minimalist piece for flute and piano which will premiere this June, with me on the flute.
  • Started work on a symphony. I’ve only written a few bars so far, but they seem promising.
La Fine D’Infinità, Lorelei

Yup, here’s the big one. The scrapping of La Fine D’Infinità. Well, at least postponing. Let me explain why:

First off, it required 11 soloists and a choir, spanning over every single voice type. I just don’t have enough human resources available at the moment. What’s more, the story was becoming extremely complicated – after almost a hundred revisions it was even worse – and I figured it wasn’t possible to answer all the questions before the deadline (September 2019). Finally, I predicted 3 acts for it, each with its own, complex stage design. Having only one stage designer, this definitely isn’t the easiest task.

But don’t get me wrong – by no means am I giving up on it. I plan to resume work on it after the premiere of Lorelei, which is currently scheduled for June 2020.

On the note of Lorelei, let me introduce you to my new “child”. It’s an opera seria in 2 acts, written for 6 soloists and mixed choir and set in Sankt Goarshausen in the early 19th century. That’s all you get so far, don’t want to spoil it! 😉 Oh and – Italian.


Moving on from Opera works and into instrumental waters, let’s talk a bit about my upcoming flute concerto. I spoke of it in last month’s diary, but reffered to it as a violin concerto. As you may have guessed by now, I’ve transformed it into a flute concerto. I’ve done that for various reasons, foremost because I don’t play the violin yet. Figured it might now be the best idea to write complex cadenzas for an instrument I don’t play. I will most definitely compose string concertos in the future, just let me learn the damn things first :P.


Firstly, to adress the title image of this blog post: it’s a painting, currently being exhibited at Mostovna, one of my favourite art venues. It gave me an idea for the Lorelei set, which is why I took the picture. Can’t wait to show it to the set designer to hear her thoughts!

Next up, of course, is Seeds of Life. The recordings haven’t resumed yet as the musicians need more time to prepare for these final tracks. I’m currently working on translating the title and track names into Slovenian, which is almost done, so no complications here. By this point, all we can really do is wait.

I also started playing Final Fantasy XIV. Catgirls FTW I guess ;P


Well, that’s just about everything I can come up with right now. Judging by the fact school is back, it isn’t even that little!


See ya!