Diary: December 2017 & January 2018

*Rises from a grave* HELLO!

Tonight, I write to you in a relative hurry (disregard the fact it’s almost 11 pm and the “hurry” is to go to bed). I’ll explain that later. First off, to the log!

  • Completed the first art song from the 4 opuses I mention in the previous diary entry.
  • Made significant progress on the Lorelei libretto.
  • Made progress on the flute concerto.
  • Attended Placido Domingo’s first ever concert in Slovenia.
  • Started work on the soundtrack for an animation, commissioned by KUD Krea and the Nova Gorica municipality to celebrate 70 years since the founding of Nova Gorica.
  • Started and gave up work on the soundtrack for an animation and expressive dance number, commissioned by the Nova Gorica municipality for the celebration of 8th of February, the primary Slovenian cultural holiday.
  • Started work on a book; just for fun.

Let’s start from the top and work our way down: I completed the first song for the cycle of art song opuses in early January. It’s titled “Prekletstvo Upa” (The Curse of Hope), and, as visible from the Slovenian title, falls into the fourth opus – Winter. It’s written for tenor and piano and will be premiered at my recital in late May/early June, sung by me. The recording will be posted on my youtube channel then, along with the score.

Lorelei, Yes. The libretto is going well. The first act is almost finished, but the second is much longer so I speculate it’s about 1/3 done. Not much else to say without going into spoilers, so you’ll just have to wait ;).

The flute concerto is much more interesting. Though progress is being made (almost 8 minutes done), it’s getting stranger and stranger by the second. I’m introducing new themes on the go and stacking them one after another without developing them. I presume I’ll be changing to an entirely new motif, key, time signature or even tempo every 4 bars by minute 9. For now, I’ve done this (leave out the tempo part) twice in the last minute. To be honest, I have a bit of a crisis. I’m split between deleting the entire month’s progress, trying to get back on course and sticking with it. I’ll probably end up going for a combination of the two, deleting just the latest motif and giving it my all to correct the course. It’s an idea worth noting though; using classical melodic motifs in rapid succession and abandoning development sounds like a contemporary movement that’d hold up. Maybe I’ll try it on a separate piece. Or should I keep it in this one? Ah, damn it! I’ll give it some time.

Yeah, you read that correctly. I went to Placido Domingo’s first ever concert in Slovenia *ironic fanboy screech*. Yup. He sang the usual; a bunch of Verdi and some love duets, nothing groundbreaking. He did make an attempt at “Slovenija, od kod lepote tvoje?” in Slovene, though, which was not needed and was very cheesy, but still somewhat cute. 5 points to Placido!

Commissions! Whoohoo! KUD Krea commissioned me a soundtrack for an animation and I’ve just started work on it. Probably won’t use any orchestra at all this time around though, so it’ll be pretty interesting to see where it takes me. It should be done in 2-3 weeks – I’ll post the link to the “Soundtracks” section of my site.

The animation #2 and the dance number didn’t go so flyingly though… The whole thing turned into a coordination nightmare with a single rehearsal scheduled, not to even mention the lack of any musicians available to perform my music. Final result: it was either I make up something people can expressive-dance to, for solo flute, in two days, learn it by memory and hit the stage, or nothing. I chose the second. I’d much, much rather have silence than bad music (and I’m sure John Cage would agree). But that’s just the live dance number off, the animation remains and it contains two pieces from Seeds of Life, so: FIRST ALBUM MUSIC RELEASED OMG (they’re the sampled versions though as I haven’t gotten the recordings back from mastering yet).

About the book: I’ve just read Crime and Punishment and it’s my new favourite book. It inspired me to give writing a shot – just for fun. I’m currently writing a short novel (expecting 50-70 pages) in Slovenian, bearing the working title “Preprosto življenje gospoda Duboisa(The simple life of Monsieur Dubois). Here’s the twist: it’s not about Mr. Dubois! He-he, a funny little thing, yet it feels pretty natural to write. If I find enough time (hahahahahahaha) I wish to finish it by the time I finish Lorelei (hahahahahahaha).

Anyway, I could probably write a few paragraphs more, but my thoughts are all over the place lately so writing an organised post like this is actually pretty torturous. Also, I’ve finally bought myself Yann Tiersen’s soundtrack for “Amelie from Montmartre”, which I’ve been wanting to do for a year but never got around to. I’m listening to it right now and it reminded me why I wrote Seeds of Life. (Speaking of that, I’ve rescored a track (as in – wrote a few more notes), and it is now down to recording the final 3, which we plan on doing in the next 2-3 months! (I am visibly excited)). Also, super hyped (and preordered) for Tuomas Holopainen’s new project, AURI.

Song of the month – December: Elgar’s Cello Concerto in E
Song of the month – January: AURI’s first single, “Night 13

That’s all folks – I’ll pass out if I write any more. See ya!


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