Diary: August 2017

Hello & welcome to my brand new online diary! It is, in short, a monthly-issuing series of public blog posts where I go over all the things I’ve done in the past month, mostly related to music and art 🙂

So to start us off, the last month of the summer holidays! During them, I worked on many projects and ideas, as I was given a great amount of time off from school. I namely:

  • Wrote 3 soundtracks: “Je Bil Friderik?“, “Just Another Love Story” and “clouds.
  • Wrote and produced the main branding jingle for Kulturni Dom Nova Gorica (Nova Gorica’s biggest cultural venue)
  • Co-wrote and co-directed the short film “Je Bil Friderik?”
  • Established the foundations of an indie short film production company/team (not live yet, there are 4 people on board at the moment)
  • Wrote over 10 symphonic metal songs with about 5 spare ones in lyrical-only form.
  • Proceeded work on my 1st violin concerto

Yeah, pretty productive holidays. If they would last for another month, they would be even more so. But hell, you can’t always have what you want. At the very moment, I’m in the middle of a writer’s block. Solving it would take weeks, but would offer a lot of productivity. Still, no more time to get away.

I have also had the time and opportunity to think over a lot of complicated life things but came to no important conclusions. So that’s that.

I attended the Ustanova Silvana Furlana’s summer filmmaking camp, where I co-produced the film “Je Bil Friderik?” and scored the film “clouds.”

And of course, the obligatory Seeds of Life update: No progress made other than some translations. Everyone’s away for the summer so can’t really help that. Recordings will resume in September.

The upcoming school year will also be host to giant advancements on my opera, La Fine D’infinità, as for the next 2 years, I have a subject in school where you have to work on an art project of your choice. Obviously, I will be working on the opera, as the school can offer me the required human resources such as translators, dramaturges. I will dedicate this school year to completing the libretto, as I feel this will be the hardest part. The next summer holidays and the following school year will be spent composing the music. In the school year 2019/20, rehearsals will be held, with the premiere being scheduled for the end of said year.

Well, there it is! A brief overview of what’s been going on and what I have planned for the future 🙂


Have a good one!