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About me

Thank you for dropping by! Born in 2001 and raised in Nova Gorica, Slovenia, Enej L. Šinigoj has been working with music since he was 6. He began taking flute lessons then and quickly acquired a passion for music. At age 10, he began composing and wrote his first opus of piano music by 11. He took a liking to opera and knew the scores to the entire The Magic Flute and Don Giovanni by memory. In the following two years, he expanded to using a full symphonic orchestra as his main “instrument”, which he does to this day. He started accepting commissions at 14 and has since proved himself, composing for the Slovenian National Theatre, Ustanova Silvana Furlana, Kinoatelje and many others. As a flutist, pianist and tenor, he also performs his own works, as well as pieces by various classical and modern composers, either as a soloist or as part of an orchestra. He plays second flute in the Glasbena Šola Nova Gorica Symphonic orchestra and first flute in the GIMNG Symphonic orchestra.