Who am I?


Composing his first works at only 9, Enej has been perfecting his main craft, composition, since 2010. Seperating him from the crowd is his ability to compose many different genres, among which are classical, film, rock, ambiental and others. He has been active on the Slovenian, as well as international film-making scene since he started accepting commisions in 2014.


After commencing flute lessons at 7, Enej started studying piano in 2014, only to add operatic singing into the mix in 2017. That has, in addition to equiping him with an arsenal of expressive techniques, extended his knowledge of instrumentation, making his writing for said instruments more effective and tailored to their needs.


After discovering his passion for conducting in 2016, Enej has attended seminars and masterclasses held by Slovenia’s leading conductors.

What do I compose?

I compose:


Scoring numerous soundtracks every year since 2014, Enej has gained experience in the field, working with many companies and people, including the Slovenian National Theatre.


The bread and butter of Enej’s repertoire. His first compositions were classical and classical is, to this day, his most composed genre. Aside regularly composing soundtracks, he always has at least a couple of clasical pieces in the works. At the time of writing, those would be his first opera “La Fine D’infinità” and violin concerto in D. He composes in the bel canto style.


Pushing the definition of “composer”, Enej started composing a symphonic metal album In July 2017 which he plans to finish untill 2018.

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About me

Next to this text, you shall soon see a short video presenting my work. For now, enjoy an unlisted full orchestra arrangement of Nightwish’s Amaranth I made two years ago. I know the video breaks half way through but the sound is there 🙂

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